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  • Preparing for the interview
    Preparation is the first essential
    step towards a successful interview.
    Company interviewers are continually amazed at the number of candidates who arrive in their offices without any apparent preparation and only the vaguest idea of what they are going to say. It is important to:

    Know the exact place and time of the interview, the name of the individual you are going to see and his/her exact title.

    Find out specific facts about the company - how long it has been in business, what its products or services are, what its growth has been, if they have other locations (and where), and what its growth potential is for the future. Company web pages are a great source for this information.

    Know the facts and figures of your current/former employer. You will be expected to know a good deal about a company that you have worked for.

    Prepare the questions you will ask during the interview. Keep in mind that the interview is a "two-way street". The employer will try to determine through questioning if you have the qualifications needed to do the job. You must determine through questioning whether the company will give you the opportunity for the growth and development you seek.

    Some probing questions you might ask:
     u A detailed description of the position?
     u What is the number one priority of this position?
     u What are goals (short and long term) set for this position?
     u What obstacles would prevent them from being reached?
     u Why is this position available?
     u What sort of people have done well in this job?
     u What are the company's short and long range objectives?
     u What kind of corporate culture/management style exists?
     u What will my performance evaluation be based on?
     u What is the career path for a proven performer?

    Have extra copies of your resume with you.

    Dress conservatively and preferably in darker colors.


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